Our templates are compatible with previous versions of After Effects. However, it is always advisable to have the software updated for better performance. You can purchase the latest version of Adobe After Effects here. If the problem persists, contact us through Adobe After Effects.

All our templates have been created with the English version (en_US) of Adobe After Effects. If some expression errors appear when you open your template, you can solve it by changing the language of the program to the English version.


The delivery deadline has passed and I have not received an email with my order

Quiet, your request may not have been accepted yet. Sometimes due to excess demand for orders, we can not guarantee delivery within the period indicated from the day on which the order is placed. The delivery time is counted from the day in which the order is accepted (you will receive an order preparation email). If you have not received any mail to prepare your order, be patient, you will receive it shortly and your order will arrive later in the indicated period.

I downloaded my template and I can not open it

If you have a technical problem with your template, see Adobe After Effects compatibility issues? If the problem persists you can contact us through

Si tienes algún otro problema relacionado con tu pedido puedes contactar con nosotros a través de este formulario.