You only have to pay a template once and you can use it as many times as you want, with any of your songs. There is no limitation.

It is the industry standard software used for video compositions, motion graphics, animation and visual effects. To edit our templates you need this software. Our templates come with a demo of this software so you can edit your template. If you have to use it more often you can expand your license from the official page of


It is not necessary to have video knowledge. With our tutorials you can customize your template step by step. In addition, we support via chat, email and social networks.


You have the option to ask us to customize it for you. Write us to info@nlvideolyrics indicating the name of the template and tell us what you need. You can also request a budget for a fully customized Lyric Video here.


If you have problems with your template you can visit the support section of our website.





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Problems with your template? Click on the following link:

Do you want to request a budget for a custom Lyric Video? We adjust your Lyric Video to your budget. Find out about the guide prices here, fill in the form and calculate your budget

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